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    Digability 0300 Pinnacle

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Review Text Sam Cardon's album has serious likeability. Cardon is one of a handful of LDS artists who regularly deliver material to push the boundaries of his predecessors. And while Digability is hardly the first groovy album ever recorded, it lands LDS jazz reachably close to the border of those who made jazz great -- a group unmarred by racial distinctions. After all, Cardon says in the liner notes that "digability" is the ability "as a white person to appreciate and love black music." Thus, the album's influences can be tangibly traced to Motown and Philly soul. Cardon's groovability builds a bridge with the founding fathers of R&B, soul, and blues, areas mainly untapped by Latter-day Saint artists. "Los Quattros Cuadros" is a runaway Latin favorite, but don't discount the power of "Acquainted With the Night," "Heliopolis," or "Island Dance." "Mojo" also carries enough funk to make the case that white people can groove with the best of 'em. Colors aside, Digability won the 2001 Pearl Award for "Contemporary Instrumental Album of the Year," while Sam also brought home "Instrumentalist of the Year" honors. This album proves Cardon's reachability. ~ Jared Johnson

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Give It Up - 5:56
  2. 2. Aquainted With the Night - 6:45
  3. 3. Heliopolis - 4:14
  4. 4. I Wish - 6:41
  5. 5. Island Dance - 5:24
  6. 6. Last Night of Summer - 4:26
  7. 7. Quiet Night - 4:23
  8. 8. Quattros Caudros - 5:46
  9. 9. Déjà Vu Jà Vu - 7:33
  10. 10. Mojo - 4:07
  11. 11. Digability - 4:10

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