Il Colore Delle Radici (Ita)


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    Il Colore Delle Radici (Ita) Splasc(H) Records

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Review Text Salvo Amore is not everybody's cup of tea. This needs to be stated first. Only the adventurous need apply. That said, the Sicilian guitarist's debut outing as a leader is a wondrously dark and delectable creature. Il Colore delle Radici is a six-part suite that encapsulates an entire history of jazz improvisation, Italian folk traditions -- particularly the formal folk traditions of Sicily. If you add to this the dynamic sensibilities of new European classical music and tonal investigations, then you've approximated the sonic landscapes Amore has fashioned for himself and his nine-piece band. There are few overpowering moments here, in the sense of the entire ensemble blowing the intestines out of their instruments. Mainly Amore uses small groups within the larger ensemble to frame his ideas, and brings players in one at a time to fill in the holes, always with a sense of taste and elegance. This spare, impressionistic piece of music has all four seasons within it, mood swings from joy to grief to rage and back, and all the colors Amore could best illustrate tonally without resorting to formulaic methodologies. This is, for a composed/improvisational work on such a grand scale, truly lovely, though the lyric and melodic sensibilities would certainly be off-putting to most. But that's their loss. Amore is a talent to watch very closely. ~ Thom Jurek

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Il Colore Delle Radici (Parte Prima) - 14:21
  2. 2. Il Colore Delle Radici (Parte Seconda) - 10:32
  3. 3. Il Colore Delle Radici (Parte Terza) - 14:47
  4. 4. Il Colore Delle Radici (Parte Quarta) - 3:37
  5. 5. Il Colore Delle Radici (Parte Quinta) - 10:39
  6. 6. Il Colore Delle Radici (Parte Sesta) - 3:38

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