Finding My Way


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    Finding My Way / Levtron

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Review Text On Finding My Way, organ and piano boss Ron Levy tries to mix up the groove gumbo by incorporating more loops and programmed beats, but also by bringing back the great Melvin Sparks on guitar, and adding the flute and saxophone talents of jazzed-out funkmaster Karl Denson to the mix. Largely, it works. While Levy doesn't seem to be interested in sung beats for any reason other than to hang solos on, he nonetheless gets enough mileage from them and keeping the riffs in the pocket to keep them sailing all the way through. There is plenty of jazz virtuosity, as evidenced by the title cut, "Steady Like Freddy," "I Try & I Try," and "The West Side"; there is plenty of good-time funky stuff, as well, such as "Some Sorta Blue," and "Cuch Cuch." This band knows when to spark it up, and when to lay back, and Levy proved a long time ago that he was a solid bandleader who got fine performances from his sidemen. Recommended. ~ Thom Jurek

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. I Try & I Try - 8:56
  2. 2. Best Cookies (In the Neighborhood) - 7:23
  3. 3. Steady Like Freddy - 8:15
  4. 4. Wes Side - 6:51
  5. 5. Exfiled - 6:15
  6. 6. Cuch Cuch - 7:44
  7. 7. Some Sorta Blue - 7:02
  8. 8. Finding My Way - 5:28
  9. 9. Spangled Star Boogaloo - 4:12

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