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    Millennium Coll:20 Th 0505 Hip-O
    1. Millennium Coll:20 Th 0505 Hip-O
    2. 20 Th Cent Mast Mill Coll Hip-O

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Review Text Few standup comedians hold a place in the heart of popular culture like Rodney Dangerfield. His shirt collar-tugging, self-deprecating delivery of one-liners and his signature catch phrase, "no respect," have been poorly imitated by millions and have inspired a legion of standup comedians to develop their own variation on his style. Surprisingly, much of his career went undocumented in the form of audio releases, save for the odd release here or there and his most well-known album, No Respect. The Dangerfield edition of the 20th Century Masters series helps to alleviate this situation a little bit, garnering moments from his early career all the way up to the late '80s, including his most well-known skit, "No Respect." It's a bit short in duration, but the quality is so high that repeat listening is a sure thing. It's an excellent starting point for a man whose comedic genius won't soon be forgotten, if ever. ~ Rob Theakston

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. No Respect - 20:35
  2. 2. What's in a Name - 3:07
  3. 3. Get a Horse - 3:14
  4. 4. Flying Southern Comfort - 3:49
  5. 5. My Neighborhood - 1:00
  6. 6. Hold Up - 2:25
  7. 7. Unhandy Husbands - 3:32
  8. 8. That's Showbiz - 4:04

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