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    Rock Your Face Off (Uk) Loud & Proud / Ear Music
    1. Rock Your Face Off (Uk) Loud & Proud / Ear Music
    2. Rock Your Face Off Loud & Proud

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Review Text When hair metal was unceremoniously snuffed out by grunge in the '90s, it seemed that Kix were destined to go down as a footnote in the genre's rowdy history after their breakup in 1995. After reuniting in 2005, it seems the Hagerstown, Maryland rock heroes have found a second life, returning with their first album in 19 years, Rock Your Face Off. Making good on the title, the band delivers an album of tight, no-frills hard rock with plenty of snarl and grit that evokes the early years of AC/DC. For those out there who have kept the fire burning for Kix, Rock Your Face Off marks a solid return from the band, and fans of classic hard rock should definitely not hesitate to check this one out. ~ Gregory Heaney

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Wheels in Motion
  2. 2. You’re Gone
  3. 3. Can’t Stop the Show
  4. 4. Rollin’ in Honey
  5. 5. Rock Your Face Off
  6. 6. All the Right Things
  7. 7. Dirty Girls
  8. 8. Inside Outside Inn
  9. 9. Mean Miss Adventure
  10. 10. Love Me with Your Top Down
  11. 11. Tail on the Wag
  12. 12. Rock & Roll Showdown

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