Pow Wow (Ita)


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    Pow Wow (Ita) Splasc(H) Records

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Review Text There are actually three related groups here: the first ("People in Sorrow," "Karma," and "Vagantes") is a quintet with Gianluca Petrella on trombone; the second ("The Chromatic Spy," "Pow Wow," and "Effetti Personali") substitutes Beppe Caruso on trombone; and the third ("Estrellas" and "Young and Foolish") is a quartet with leader Ottaviano the sole horn. Ottaviano is a lyrical player at heart, and all the compositions (except, of course, "Young and Foolish") were written by him, displaying his tasteful, slightly quirky melodies. Those wishing for a two-trombone front line will be disappointed, as the bones never play together, but this is an opportunity to compare two of Italy's finest jazz trombonists, the more established and older Caruso and the younger and very talented Petrella. Each solos on the three tracks on which he plays, and while there is some very good blowing, both can be heard elsewhere to better advantage. As he often does, Ottaviano restrains himself on soprano, focusing on sound, tone, and clear intonation. The best tracks are those with two horns, although some will prefer the lovely, siren-like, pure, even austere tone of the soprano on the subdued "Estrella." Mirko Signorile's electric piano is a bit dated, but there is no questioning his ability to play it well, although his acoustic improvisations are more compelling. Overall, the arrangements evidence a restraint that leads to a thoughtful, often relaxed atmosphere. On "Vagantes" and "Young and Foolish," to cite two examples, the slow pace and carefully constructed voicings are perfect for late-night repose, without compromising artistic integrity. The vigorous closing number, "Effetti Personali," features Caruso with a generally impressive if somewhat bombastic solo. ~ Steven Loewy

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