It Takes 2


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    It Takes 2 Arista

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Review Text Without question, Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock had the party anthem of 1988 in "It Takes Two" -- an insanely infectious rap/dance gem using a James Brown/Lynn Collins classic of the same name as a reference point. While the song was a major hit in dance music and club circles, Base won over hip-hop's hardcore with his strong technique as a rapper. Though most of this debut album falls short of that mega-hit's excellence, it's a generally decent effort that has both hip-hop and R&B appeal. A reflection on societal breakdown, the sobering "Times Are Gettin' Ill" is atypical of this album -- which favors soul-flavored party music over social and political commentary. From Maze's "Joy & Pain" (which the duo used without Frankie Beverly's permission, inspiring him to threaten legal action) to the house-influenced "Get on the Dance Floor," It Takes Two thrives on strong hooks and unapologetic escapism. ~ Alex Henderson

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. It Takes Two - 5:00
  2. 2. Joy and Pain - 4:46
  3. 3. Don't Sleep on It - 4:02
  4. 4. Check This Out - 3:02
  5. 5. Crush - 6:32
  6. 6. Get on the Dance Floor - 4:23
  7. 7. Times Are Gettin' Ill - 4:39
  8. 8. Keep It Going Now - 4:54
  9. 9. Make It Hot - 4:20
  10. 10. Creativity - 4:48

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