Road Less Traveled



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    Road Less Traveled Mercury / Mercury Nashville
    1. Road Less Traveled (Uk) Hump Head
    2. Road Less Traveled Mercury / Mercury Nashville

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Review Text Lauren Alaina traveled a long road to her second album, taking six years to deliver a sequel to her 2011 debut. Blame the delay on vagaries of the marketplace and also a 2014 vocal surgery, two elements that ensure a slow working pace, but the upside of this half-decade hiatus is that Road Less Traveled almost plays like a second debut album. It announces a new Lauren Alaina, one who is happy to be a country diva in the vein of Carrie Underwood. Wildflower, her 2011 album, also carried a debt to Underwood but it retained a bit of a twang, whereas Road Less Traveled is a big, bright country confection. Alaina co-wrote every one of the 12 songs and whether they're ballads or chipper pop tunes, they're usually sturdy numbers. She may drift into the saccharine when she slows the tempo -- the closing "Pretty" is a self-empowerment anthem that attempts to spin Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful" toward Middle America -- but the faster cuts are usually jubilant and help propel Road Less Traveled, turning it into a strong modern country-pop album. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Doin' Fine - 3:20
  2. 2. My Kinda People - 3:03
  3. 3. Three - 4:46
  4. 4. Road Less Traveled - 4:37
  5. 5. Queen of Hearts - 3:55
  6. 6. Think Outside the Boy - 4:41
  7. 7. Painting Pillows - 3:16
  8. 8. Next Boyfriend - 3:12
  9. 9. Crashin' the Boys' Club - 3:57
  10. 10. Same Day Different Bottle - 4:49
  11. 11. Holding the Other - 4:56
  12. 12. Pretty - 5:39

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