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Review Text 'Rain' is Rick's third solo album. This is the first, however in which he was involoved with every aspect of the production. 'Before there were times when I hired a producer and he'd work on the songs without me present, of course I'd have final approval, but with this album, I got the chance to be so creative, I enjoyed the whole process.' On the album is a remake of 'Changes and Chances' a song that Rick first recorded in the late 80's (another version of the song recorded in the mid 90's in Los Angeles is the title cut from his first album.) The newest version of 'Changes and Chances' is basically a mirror image of the 80's version but with fresh up-dated sounds and an artist that is now clearly comfortable in the studio. 'It was the first song I ever wrote and recorded. I came across the original recording which I hadn't listened to for years and wanted to record the new version as close to the original as possible.' 'I've been doing this for awhile but now songwriting is much more a focal point at this point in my music career.' Clearly experience has alot to do with the growing body of work from this songwriter. The song 'Life still goes On' was inspired by a homeless man that Rick be-friended while working in a restaurant in Aurora, CO some years ago. 'Keith came in one day asked for some food and after that he became a frequent 'customer.' I had the privelage of getting acquainted with him and learn of the circumstances that led to him being on the streets. He was a friendly man who did not feel sorry for himself and seemed to always lighten the day. He was one of the most happy go-lucky people I had ever met.' After recording the song Rick had the opportunity to film a video. He and his crew hit the streets of lower downtown Denver to film homeless people in their unfortunate habitat. 'Not only did I meet some wonderful and interesting people, I also saw first-hand where they 'bedded down' at night and how they lived.' The group bought some of the people food and gave money to others in exchange for allowing themselves to be filmed. 'It was an eye-opening experience.' 'Rain' has some very strong songs and have a tendency to get stuck in your head. The 'hook' is the key ingredient for a hit song.. that and strong lyrics. 'I remember coming into the studio one morning and I passed another producer in the hallway. I had met him before but had never really spoken to him except in passing, although I'd been working on the project for about a year at this point.' He says, 'I've been hearing your music, haven't sat down and actually listened to it all but I hear it through the door when you are mixing down. I think you got something there because everytime you're here, after you leave I can't get your damn songs outta my head.' I asked 'That's a good thing?' He says 'oh ya.' Rick's intention when entering the studio this time around was to record a few songs, songs he really believed in. 'I had been doing alot of writing and just wanted to record for my own enjoyment and satisfaction, as well as showcase my songwriting. My ultimate dream was to be a professional singer, a 'star' if you will, but now I just want someone to record one of my songs. Hopefully a successful artist' he adds with a laugh. The song 'I Apologize' has done extremely well on jango.com and other internet radio stations. With it being the only song in rotation from the album, it has motivated some 80 listeners world wide to sign up as Rick's fans as well as generated his first international sales. Two CDs have been sold in Germany and another in Uganda. The song is also being played on a few mainstream radio stations, including KPMX 105.7 out of Sterling, CO. Sterling is a neighboring community of Akron, CO, Rick's boyhood home. Andy Rice, the radio personality who first played Rick's song way back in the 80's was on hand to debut 'I Apologize.' 'That was fun' Rick said after the interview with Rice. 'Andy and I haven't really seen each other alot through

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