Winds Of Heaven 593


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    Winds Of Heaven 593 Reunion
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Review Text This is commonly known as the recording with "Awesome God" on it, which is a shame since that song is not very indicative of Mullins' style and (in spite of slick production) is one of the weaker songs on the album when compared with the bulk of Mullins' repertoire. Mullins was known for his multi-instrumentalist talent and his challenging lyrics -- and "Awesome God" does not typify these very well. But taken for the style that any real Mullins fan knows, this is a great album. This is also the album with "If I Stand," a piano and vocal piece with a yearning cry to God for strength. "The Other Side of the World," with its hook-laden lyrics, sings about the diversity of humanity and the need for compassion on a global level. These are the themes that Mullins riffs on. Great dulcimer work and great piano work; talent like this is not found often. Unusual tracks close out the record with "Ready for the Storm" with a steady world-influenced drone, and the wild "How Can I Keep Myself From Singing." Anyone who owns this album and only listens to "Awesome God" is missing the real juice of the record. ~ Mark W. B. Allender

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Other Side of the World - 3:45
  2. 2. With the Wonder - 5:32
  3. 3. Awesome God - 3:05
  4. 4. If I Stand - 4:46
  5. 5. Home - 4:05
  6. 6. Such a Thing as Glory - 3:44
  7. 7. ...and I Love You - 4:55
  8. 8. Ready for the Storm - 4:42
  9. 9. One True Love - 4:08
  10. 10. How Can I Keep Myself from Singing - 4:53

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