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    Naked & Alone CD Baby

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Review Text Naked and Alone, what each song was written about. The songs on this CD have come through me from somewhere else. Me, the human being, was/is just the vehicle (the medium) to get these tunes from that 'somewhere else' into your ears. I hope that you'll enjoy listening to them, as much as I did in creating them. Thanks, for the listen! 1. "It Ain't Cool", stood up by my girlfriend. 2. 'Sunrise/A Great Day', on the boat, at sunrise, with a beer in my hand, watching the sunrise above us, and feeling very vulnerable on the ocean, until I looked at you (us). 3. " I Still Care", a lost love, (Country Style) 4. 'You're My Best Friend', all about my dog, Jasmine (Jazzy). 5. "I'll Never Let You Go", you're the one I've been waiting for. 6. "Are We Through"? Things you never tell me, but used to. 7. "Abita Light' is about me being diagnosed with Cancer, and not understanding it. 8. "A Charleston Christmas", ...Let's have an Old Fashioned Christmas in Charleston, SC. 9. "I Don't Remember", Just looking at 'us' in the early days, I took the sound back to 78 RPM records, which I think is cool. 10. 'Do What You Wanna Do', I don't care much for Lead Guitar, and I do not use much of it in my music: However, 'Do What You Wanna Do', is just showing my friends that I can play guitar a bit, if I have to. 11. "It's Changing, About one of my friends with Terminal Cancer, (RIP John). 12. 'In the Garden', Me and the bass guitar, I tried to add instruents, but nothing worked the way I wanted it to, so... 13. 'I Don't Remember', instrumental version of Number 9. 14. "It Ain't Easy", recorded on two tracks years ago, an experiment in vocal harmonies with myself. 15. 'Walk With Me', just a walking bass line, and pickin' acoustic guitar. A very basic song. 16. 'It's All About Me' is a song about the Facebookers and how it is all about them and not you (me).

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