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Review Text Reyli Barba takes his next step toward solo career success with his 2007 release, FE. A strong solo debut in 2004 entitled En la Luna, which garnered Reyli a strong chart presence and exposure all over Latin American television, is a tough act to follow. Reyli's repertoire on FE is as brooding and simmering as its predecessor. The production throughout features raw, acoustic warmth. The record is set apart from other Latin pop releases by the rare and precious texture of strings and some stark, dramatic sequencing. Reyli's vocals are typically low, nearly spoken and understated. Though dark, by and large, there are moments of sunshine. Bright spots include Concetta Costanza on the tropical-flavored "Para Que Piensas en Mí" and the salsa rock-tinged "Elena." Much of the record's material will remind listeners of the pensive, pacing quality that characterized En la Luna. The record seems to lack a standout single, though that may be because of the consistently high quality. FE debuted at number eight in Billboard's Latin pop category, only a few slots down from En la Luna at its peak. Though the image of Reyli walking on water (which graces the cover) might seem ostentatious to some, he may be well on his way. ~ Evan C. Gutierrez

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Todos Caben - 5:47
  2. 2. Perdóname en Silencio - 4:22
  3. 3. Para Siempre - 4:40
  4. 4. Elena - 4:17
  5. 5. Pégale a la Pared - 5:34
  6. 6. Con un Pie en el Cielo - 4:01
  7. 7. Al Fin - 5:55
  8. 8. Para Que Pienses en Mí - 4:41
  9. 9. No Me Hace Falta Nada Más - 4:42
  10. 10. Declaración - 3:22
  11. 11. Arrepentido - 4:59
  12. 12. Llueve y Llueve - 5:31
  13. 13. Fe - 4:46

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