Reanimate 2.0: The Covers Ep (Ep)


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    Reanimate 2.0: The Covers Ep (Ep) Atlantic

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Review Text Picking up where their last covers EP left off, hard rockers Halestorm return with another collection of influential songs and noble experiments on Reanimate 2.0: The Covers EP. While some of the covers, like their rendition of Marilyn Manson's "1996" and Judas Priest's "Dissident Aggressor," feel like an easy fit for the band, while some of the more far-out choices find them taking some risks. Most notable is the band's rendition of Daft Punk's disco-worshipping single, "Get Lucky," which Halestorm transform into a chugging freight train of aggression that makes it a better fit for a mosh pit than a dancefloor. All in all, Reanimate 2.0 is a fun little EP that shows not only where the band is coming from, but how versatile they can be, and fans of Halestorm and Lzzy Hale's fantastic vocal talents will want to snap this one up. ~ Gregory Heaney

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Dissident Aggressor - 3:12
  2. 2. Get Lucky - 3:08
  3. 3. Shoot Thrill - 5:07
  4. 4. Hell Is for Children - 5:46
  5. 5. Gold Dust Woman - 4:10
  6. 6. 1996 - 4:22

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