Realms of the Fantastic Worlds Beyond Planet Earth


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Explore the outer reaches of fantasy and reality with the first in a unique and special series: Realms of the Fantastic: Worlds Beyond Planet Earth. DARK REIGN OF THANATOS: The ultimate struggle between man and the Gods takes place. Upon creating the earth, the great god Zelos grew weary and so forged in his image two sons to uphold his kingdom and ensure its longevity, Aevum and Thanatos. As time progressed, so did the intentions of the two sons. The second, Thanatos turned to blackness and evil while Aevum chose the light. Years later, Thanatos threatens the very existence of our world, but something is still preventing him from total domination as the future of all humanity lies in the balance. GR30K: After four atomic holocausts and the second Ice Age, only one city remains on our ravaged planet: a city on the edge of insanity, overrun by mutants and madmen, and largely controlled by the tyrannical Devoz Corporation. This dying metropolis is mired in the throes of a power struggle amongst the city's final three corporate dynasties. In the end the surviving corporation must turn to the tribe of Amazon warrior women it once tried to destroy, in order to save their dying planet.

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3 hours, 35 minutes

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