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Review Text Randy Brown cut his teeth with the Newcomers, a group patterned after the Mad Lads. On Welcome to My Room, his excellent solo debut, the teething is over, and the full-fledged deep soul crooner is unleashed. Romanticism is the theme and Brown delivers the goods on "I Wanna Make Love to You," a direct midtempo number where Brown relates his lusty intentions to his date. "I Love You Baby" conjures images of the aftermath of passion, cuddling together, and truly loving the person and what transpired; it's an emotional ballad that builds to an exciting climax. Brown realizes he's found the right woman on the remarkable, compelling "I'd Rather Hurt Myself," which is ultra-soulful and extremely moving. But often love doesn't last, and Brown tells his woman why when he mourns "Too Little in Common to Be Lovers" -- originally recorded by the Newcomers after Brown left, it's a true Southern classic; salty Denise LaSalle, among others, has cut the slow, rambling tear-jerker. In all, eight prime songs that define deep soul. ~ Andrew Hamilton

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Do It Baby - 4:15
  2. 2. I Wanna Make Love to You - 4:35
  3. 3. Love Is All We Need - 5:51
  4. 4. I Love You Baby - 7:02
  5. 5. I'm Always in the Mood - 4:00
  6. 6. I'd Rather Hurt Myself - 4:47
  7. 7. Sweet, Sweet Darling - 4:26
  8. 8. Too Little in Common - 6:26

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