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    Wonderland 0903 Abacus

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Review Text On Radiation 4's full-length debut, Wonderland, the California band injects its brand of schizoid metallic surges with healthy doses of surrealist experimentation. Immediate reference points include most Mike Patton projects (especially Mr. Bungle and Fantômas) and technical post-hardcore outfits Converge, Today Is the Day, Botch, and the Dillinger Escape Plan. So there's plenty of spastic grindcore blasts, psychotic carnival jaunty rhythmic excursions, and spacy moments of respite to be had throughout Wonderland, all smeared with vocalist Chris Negrete's Patton-esque screeches, croons, and falsettos; notable tracks include "Magnolia Act I," "Love Through Tapeworm Hooks," and the space cadet opening cut, "Silence Fiction." An unusual album to say the least, even if not all of it works (15-minute closer "The Prize": too draining; "Magnolia Act II": too silly). The point of Wonderland being, apparently, to sound as unnatural as possible, all those sudden, bizarre changes in tempo and style shredding the transmission of this machine, leaving the listener's head spinning, seeing stars, eating tacos on Mars -- for adventurous wingnuts only, and don't forget your helmet. ~ John Serba

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Silence Fiction - 3:16
  2. 2. Tick. Tock. Tick. - 3:50
  3. 3. Love Through Tapeworm Hooks - 4:39
  4. 4. When Animals Attack - 3:12
  5. 5. Wonderland - 3:51
  6. 6. John vs. the Elephant - 4:46
  7. 7. Magnolia Act I - 3:05
  8. 8. Magnolia Act II - 1:14
  9. 9. Prize - 16:39

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