In The Grips Of The Light


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    In The Grips Of The Light Secretly Canadian

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Review Text If Racebannon comes to be known as one of the most advantageous and remarkable bands in hardcore, In the Grips of the Light will be the foundation upon which that reputation is built. Eight tracks and an hour of noisy jam plus a Captain Beefheart cover make for an impressive debut on the normally solemn Secretly Canadian label. After a handful of vinyl releases with various recording qualities, this album has by far the best recording that they have done. Recorded with Mike Mogis (the Faint, Cursive, Bright Eyes, Songs: Ohia), In the Grips of the Light not only showcases Racebannon's explosive capabilities, but Mogis' diversity as an engineer. While normally dealing with more laid-back acts, he evokes a feeling of desperate intensity the likes of which few hardcore, metal, or noisecore bands are capable of. Mike Anderson's jabbering and inventive poetry are in full effect, with well-placed multiple tracks balancing out delay rack and theremin, DJ mixing, amazing bass playing, and explosive drums. While many hardcore bands flatline in their ability to translate their impressive live shows to CD, Racebannon is intense both live and on the recording, whether it be with their noise jams in between tracks or when they are full-on rocking. ~ Kurt Morris

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Fox Boogie - 7:19
  2. 2. Flip N' Fuck - 6:33
  3. 3. Go With the Flow - 4:11
  4. 4. Sober and Sad - 8:04
  5. 5. Electricity - 6:31
  6. 6. Clubber Lang - 8:03
  7. 7. Fuck Yr Obivious Words - 6:37
  8. 8. I'm Yr Egomaniac (In the Grips of the Light) - 12:48

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