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Russian Piano Concertos/ Various - Russian Piano Concertos

Russian Piano Concertos/ Various - Russian Piano Concertos

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This fascinating survey of the Russian (and Polish!) piano concerto includes the masterworks of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov - beloved examples at the pinnacle of both Russian music and the piano concerto genre - along with more- and lesser-known yet all eminently worthy works by composers from both Imperial and Soviet Russia and those by Paderewski, Scharwenka and Moszkowski, who were born in what today is Poland. Though the piano concerto is now inextricably linked in modern minds to the Russian repertoire, the area's isolation meant that it would take some time for the genre to take hold there, but that it would grow into a unique, characteristic and varied expression. Apart from the jaw-dropping virtuosity and orchestral brilliance of these works, they share that common Slavonic flavor, an undefinable mixture of melancholy and passion, whether smoldering or blazing. The recordings on this release date from between 1964 and 2016.

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