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Piceno - Einunddreissigfunf

Piceno - Einunddreissigfunf

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With 'einunddreissigfünf,' the guitar duo Piceno presents itself to the world for the first time in form of a recorded Album. Influenced by jazz, classical, pop, and world music, the two musicians create a world of their own, moving effortlessly between concertante sounds and driving grooves. The blend of original compositions, arrangements, and interpretations is a reflection of the long-standing collaboration between Peter Groesdonk and Ben Enzon, which is now no longer exclusive to live performances. The harmony between the two guitarists is not just expressed in sound but is also evident in the title of their debut album, giving a nod to the date they first crossed paths. On twelve strings, the two musicians explore the world of acoustic guitar, showcasing their full range and adding another dimension to it. Original pieces like 'Salsa Involuntaria' and 'Près de l'horizon' present Ben Enzon and Peter Groesdonk as composers, while 'Danza non Danza' (by Reentko Dirks) offers a glimpse into their shared musical education (at the College of Music in Dresden, Germany). With Peter Groesdonk's arrangement of 'Köln Concert Pt.1,' Piceno pays tribute to the great jazz pianist Keith Jarrett, while the album wraps up with breezy and light-hearted pop tracks like 'Il pianeta venere' and 'I knew you were waiting.' The final track of the record, 'Einunddreißigfünf,' which was not giving name to the Album, but received it from it, bids a slightly melancholic farewell to the listener, looking forward to a future reunion.
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