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One Piece Card Game: Pillars of Strength Booster Pack

One Piece Card Game: Pillars of Strength Booster Pack

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The third booster for the One Piece Trading Card has arrived and brings some beloved enemies faced by the Straw Hat crew to the epic card game! Plus, even more “Yellow” cards have been added to the game! Beloved Enemies Emerge – Prepare to face off against some of the most iconic adversaries that the Straw Hat Pirates encountered during their epic journey. With this booster focusing on East Blue, Water Seven, and Whole Cake Island in the theme, get ready to see a handful of fierce foes that fans have come to love.! “Yellow” is making its presence known! - All new Leaders are available, plus all-new colour combinations are here too! Cards feature many characters belonging to the "Big Mom Pirates", making it a perfect addition to power up the starter deck "Big Mom Pirates [ST-07]! Plus, many cards have effects to help you look at life cards!

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