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Inside Sportfishing: San Clemente Island - Goes Off

Inside Sportfishing: San Clemente Island - Goes Off

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For years we've been pitching balls into the boiler rocks and along the kelps at San Clemente Island and have had some pretty good days. But nothing we'd ever seen could have prepared us for what the island had in store for us. Legal calicos are plentiful. But the big ones, those huge home guard fish pushing 10 pounds, are few and far between. Smart, elusive, and territorial, these explosive, hard-hitting fish spend their lives buried dep within the kelp or hunkered down between the boiler rocks. More often than not living along the backside of the islands, where weather and sea conditions often make their habitat virtually inaccessible. But every once in a while the sea opens up her mysteries, giving us just a glimpse into her world few have ever experienced. This is one of those rare moments when everything was perfect and the bass simply went off. Hosted by Dave Pfeiffer and Robby Gant, this was the best calico bite any of us had ever seen.

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