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Earthmonkey - Alms of Morpheus

Earthmonkey - Alms of Morpheus

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2010 release from the Electronica artist. His cavity inducing Krystil-clear psych riffs, suspended in jellied electronics are anything but Earthly. Peat and Repeat were sitting on a bridge. Peat fell off. Into infinity. Here's the map. Rinse and repeat. Bog has a real talent both for playing and composition. His musicks are weighted with heavy doses of classic late '60s lysergic lytergics, but his brand of 'delics are uniquely scented by the new millennium. Cosmic, deep, spiraling, melodic, contagious, sexy, weird, rock, roll, trance, pants. Earthmonkey wields these and more. The Monkey lays down on Broadway. To sleep, perchance to dream of Morpheus.

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