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Alex Wilcox - BANG BANG BANG!

Alex Wilcox - BANG BANG BANG!

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Alex Wilcox drops an expansive eight-tracker for his debut on bbbbbb Records, 'BANG BANG BANG!'Alex is a distinctive and quirky DJ/producer and live artist whose unique take on electronic music has welcomed curiosity and intrigue from a wealth of leading talents within techno, electro and leftfield territories. Fusing his own brand of eclectic club music with a self-described style of DJ sets that come as a 'genre-less, chaotic whirlwind', it's no surprise that his next adventure finds a perfect home on Bjarki's bbbbbb Records - a label known for entrancing, idiosyncratic future-focused output without limitations from distinctive talents across the globe.'When I first approached Alex about releasing on bbbbbb, he reminded me, 'I sent you those tracks years ago'. I regret overlooking them. That mistake won't happen again. I'm thrilled to include him in the bbbbbb narrative. His music exudes a punk essence and undeniable quality. Alex also has a playful side, which is refreshing. I've grown weary of the prevailing scene. The stereotypical, intense techno DJs are resurfacing, making it even more special to have Alex as part of our label's fresh lineup. His sound aligns seamlessly with the likes of Skrattar, Volruptus, and other artists, solidifying his place within our collective.' - Bjarki.Entering into the bbbbbb universe stacked with an unconventional eight-track selection of chaotic, fun-filled and eccentric records built for the dancefloor, through to sonics that could soundtrack even the most unhinged and peculiar of scenarios and situations, Wilcox's 'BANG BANG BANG!' is an exhilarating, endorphin-induced, helter-skelter rush through styles and sounds - showcasing an oddball trip into his mind and welcoming a fun-filled yet impactful selection of productions undeniably at home on the label. As always with bbbbbb, expect the unexpected and enjoy the ride.Tracklisting:A1. BANG BANG BANG! A2. Eeni Meeni Mini Moe A3. Electronic Dance Song A4. Hey Hey It's Okay B1. IF I B2. Please Remain B3. The Laser Song B4. The Goods

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