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Advanced Step Challenge: Volume 2

Advanced Step Challenge: Volume 2

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Amy and the crew are back with more athletic style stepping. If you need a challenge, or are a modifier who still wants a tough workout, then Advanced Step Challenge 2 was made for you! Interesting yet easy-to-follow advanced choreography makes this versatile workout a winner! Some fun signature Amy moves such as: The Fly away, hop hop stick, hip hop repeater, the weave and more make this an action packed hour of strong steady state stepping. Features of ASCII include: New music by CardioMixes, an extensive preview chapter to break down the more complicated moves, 54-minutes of solid stepping and Amy's favorite "power-up" chapter for a great endurance and intensity pump up. You will master 5 combinations that are done in blocks of 2, then combined. There are 6 NRG MIXES or premixes and 2 Bonus Circuit Mixes incorporating Slo- Mo Challenge exercises with this great cardio workout. Pop in your favorite music by using the Vocals Only option as well. Enjoy the Challenge! This workout features the following equipment: Step with 1 riser under each side and a mat.

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