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    Poo Say GetDisconnected / Getdisconnected.Com / Disconnected Records

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Review Text Drummer Alphonse Mouzon formatted this group much like Patrick Adams' Musique, handling production, arrangements, and instrumentation, with contributions from a few session hands and female vocalists. Another thing the groups had in common was that they had white women appear on the sleeves, even though they had black singers. On the other hand, Musique only put their sexual connotations in their songs; it doesn't really need to be pointed out that the name Poussez -- pronounced, "poo-say," it's actually French for "push" -- is a sexual connotation in itself. (So just where was the brother band, Paniece?) Lead track "Come on and Do It," fittingly enough, is a rewrite of Musique's "In the Bush," its sexual overtures much more obvious. Sex noises are all over it, and the lyrics couldn't be any more forward. There's "Let's do it upside down/Let's come together right now," and then there's "Come on and answer my dreams," which could be easily misheard as "Come on and enter my jeans." Regardless, when stripped of all context, these songs are tightly constructed and functional for the dancefloor. Unoriginal disco can still be enjoyable when it's executed with skill, and this qualifies. The reissue from Disconnected adds a ten-minute mix of "Come on and Do It." ~ Andy Kellman

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Come On And Do It - 7:29
  2. 2. Boogie With Me - 8:53
  3. 3. You're All I Have - 9:58
  4. 4. Never Gonna Say Goodbye - 8:57
  5. 5. Come On And Do It [Disco Mix] - 10:51

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