Hibernation Generation


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    Hibernation Generation Buffalo Fire Records

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Review Text Taking a step away from their earlier, noisier versions, Pope Factory heads straight into classic rock with Hibernation Generation. The songwriting team of Scott Warren and Peter Muha does their best to explore the territory mined by similar psychedelic pop auteurs, making stops in prog and indie rock along the way, but ultimately fail to make much of a lasting impression. Never quite as clever as they seem to want to present themselves, making up words and spinning convoluted narratives, they do know their way around a decent, if not terribly original, rock hook. The big, ringing guitar solos and underlying synths do well to disguise the fact that these guys would probably rather be lumped in with other indie rock bands, but end up giving the band a much more Pink Floyd-ish tint. That's not to say that there aren't some standout moments among the disc's ten tracks, as the experimentation is rarely overly esoteric and the lyrics are generally entertaining if not brilliant. In the end, you have a decent album by a competent band who may be a little confused as to their indie rock pedigree but is altogether capable of producing a pleasantly cohesive work. ~ Matt Fink

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Another Long Day Pt I
  2. 2. Dividing My Time
  3. 3. Cul-de-Sac
  4. 4. Love the Bomb
  5. 5. High Wire Nerves
  6. 6. All You Destroy
  7. 7. Big Blue
  8. 8. Groove Tonic
  9. 9. Ceiling For a Sky
  10. 10. Another Long Day Pt II

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