Invasao Do Sagaz Homem Fumaca (Jpn)


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    Invasao Do Sagaz Homem Fumaca (Jpn) Sony Music Distribution
    1. Invasao Do Sagaz Homem Fumaca (Jpn) Sony Music Distribution
    2. Invasao Do Sagaz Homem Fumasa Sony BMG

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Review Text Whatever happened in the three years between Os Cães Ladram Mas a Caravana Não Pára and Planet Hemp's third album, the Rio hardcore/rap group return with a somewhat more measured, streamlined effort. There's just a bit less of everything, from variety in the material and cohesiveness in the jumps between styles to DJ vocal tradeoffs and bring-the-noise sonic collages. There's still plenty of fire and fury in the wah-wah guitar and over-the-top horns of "12 Com Dezolto" or the Led Zeppelin-esque riff-driving "Ex-quadrilha Da Fumaça." "Procedência C.D." and "HC3" thrash it out, but the effect isn't as overwhelming. The rap-over-acoustic-bottleneck-guitar "Four Track" serves as a brief intro to a good, straightforward quasi-surf instrumental, "Gorilla Grip." "Quem Tem Seda?" has a nice, restrained groove with background sax bleats, while "Stab" and "É Isso que Eu Tenho No Sangue..." lock down into mid-tempo favela funk-soul grooves that probably owe something to the '70s Brazilian soul power movement. "Quarta de Cinzas" goes back to flute-land on a mellow instrumental with gentle clavinet and soothing synth and the title track takes it out with an Afro-roots rap over conga that shifts to a solid roots reggae groove. It's hard to put your finger on exactly what's missing: maybe Planet Hemp is just better as a maximalist, over-the-top unit, or maybe it's a question of losing the surprise factor and not being able to spring sonic ambushes because almost all their moves and tricks are familiar now. But everything about Planet Hemp on O Invasão Do Sagaz Homem Fumaça just sounds a little bit less convincing. ~ Don Snowden

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. 12 Com Dezoito
  2. 2. Ex-Quadrilha da Fumaca
  3. 3. Test Drive de Freio de Camburao
  4. 4. Procedencia C.D.
  5. 5. Stab
  6. 6. Four Track
  7. 7. Gorilla Grip
  8. 8. Contexto
  9. 9. Dz Cuts
  10. 10. Raprockandrollpsicodeliahardcoragga
  11. 11. Quem Tem Seda?
  12. 12. E Isso que Eu Tenho No Sangue
  13. 13. Quarta de Cinzas
  14. 14. Hc3
  15. 15. O Sagaz Homem Fumaca
  16. 16. Futuro Do Pais
  17. 17. Legalize Ja
  18. 18. Mantenha O Respeito

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