As Long As The Grass Shal


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    As Long As The Grass Shal Bear Family Records

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Review Text Peter La Farge on the Warpath and As Long As the Grass Shall Grow are Peter La Farge's two best-realized albums. Combined here on one CD, there are 26 songs with a final spoken invocation. The best material is from On the Warpath, La Farge's last album, including "The Ballad of Ira Hayes" and the chilling "Crimson Parson" (about Col. Chivington and the Sand Creek massacre), are most effective, but the material off of the other record, including the wider-ranging "Alaska" and "Tecumseh," is well worth hearing. La Farge's spare approach to his music can make these 26 songs somewhat difficult to take in one sitting, but it is a perspective on topical songwriting that few people presented and is worth hearing on that basis alone, to see what even some of the hardcore folkies found too rich for their blood. ~ Bruce Eder

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Ballad of Ira Hayes
  2. 2. Johnny Half-Breed
  3. 3. Radioactive Eskimo
  4. 4. Crimson Parson
  5. 5. Move Over, Grab a Holt
  6. 6. Gather Round
  7. 7. If I Could Not Be an Indian
  8. 8. Drums
  9. 9. White Girl
  10. 10. I'm an Indian, I'm an Alien
  11. 11. Stampede
  12. 12. Please Come Back Abe
  13. 13. War Whoop
  14. 14. Father, Oh My Father
  15. 15. Look Again to the Wind
  16. 16. As Long as the Grass Shall Grow
  17. 17. Damn Redskins
  18. 18. Tecumseh
  19. 19. Take Back Your Atombomb
  20. 20. Vision of a Past Warrior
  21. 21. Coyote, My Little Brother
  22. 22. Alaska
  23. 23. Custer
  24. 24. Trail of Tears
  25. 25. Hey, Mr. President
  26. 26. Touriste
  27. 27. Last Words

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