Dauphin Elegies


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    Dauphin Elegies Revolver USA / VHF

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Review Text The improvisational drones of Pelt thrive on the tension between prolonged silences and flurries of noise. DAUPHIN ELEGIES is made up of three increasingly long pieces plus one three-minute song, each one different in tone and texture from the last. The building hums of “Waning Crescent,” the distant squealing orchestral strings of “Fire Signs on the Edge of a Field,” and the lonesome folk violin of “Cast Out of Deep Waters” give way to the climactic cosmic chimes of the finale, “Crown of Comets.” It’s a journey from earth to heaven told in snatches of organized noise.

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Waning Crescent - 10:06
  2. 2. Fire Signs Along the Field - 12:47
  3. 3. Cast Out To Deep Waters - 32:38
  4. 4. Crown of Comets - 3:01

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