Get Out Of My Yard (Uk)


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    Get Out Of My Yard (Uk) Mascot Music

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Review Text Although he's been considered one of the top hard rock/heavy metal guitar shredders since the late '80s, interestingly enough, Paul Gilbert has never issued a completely all-instrumental solo album. And with Gilbert seemingly going in a more songwriting-based direction (as evidenced by his 2005 solo set, Spaceship One), the chances of an all-instrumental release seemed increasingly slim. But as longtime admirers of Gilbert know, it's impossible to predict the next move of this former Racer X and Mr. Big guitarist, and on 2006's Get Out of My Yard, you're treated to -- Gilbert's first-ever instrumental solo set. But the tracks are not merely shredding solos strung together -- Gilbert is still all about penning memorable tunes, such as the Rush-like "Hurry Up," the blues-metal of "The Curse of Castle Dragon," the Van Halen-esque rocker, "My Teeth Are a Drumset," and the speedy acoustic picking of "Three E's for Edward." There's a reason why Gilbert is a monthly attraction in all of those European and Japanese guitar publications -- Get Out of My Yard will offer all the evidence you'll need. ~ Greg Prato

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Get Out Of My Yard
  2. 2. Hurry Up
  3. 3. Curse Of Castle Dragon
  4. 4. Radiator
  5. 5. Straight Through The Telephone Pole
  6. 6. Marine Layer
  7. 7. Twelve Twelve
  8. 8. Rusty Old Boat
  9. 9. Echo Song
  10. 10. Full Tank
  11. 11. My Teeth Are A Drumset
  12. 12. Haydn Symphony No 88 Finale
  13. 13. Three E's For Edward
  14. 14. You Kids

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