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    Alpstein ECM

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Review Text Violin virtuoso Paul Giger revisits his roots with this, his second solo recording, Alpstein, which features pieces for violin, saxophone, and percussion based on the folk traditions of the Alpstein region of Switzerland. Three pieces here are entitled "Zäuerli" -- named after the sad majestic "natur yodel" tradition of the Outer Rhoden region. These are sweeping and majestic with high harmonic bowstrokes. This recording features the saxophone work of Jan Garbarek and the percussion of Pierre Favre. Both add an incredible warmth to the recording on the pieces they are featured on, most notably "Alpsegen" with its soaring sax lines and manic percussion. Also notable is "Chlauseschuppel," featuring the sounds of cowbells specific to that region. Informative booklet included. ~ Mark W. B. Allender

Track Listing

Record: 1

  1. 1. Zäuerli
  2. 2. Karma Shadub
  3. 3. Alpsegen
  4. 4. Zäuerli
  5. 5. Zäuerli
  6. 6. Chuereihe
  7. 7. Chlauseschuppel
  8. 8. Trogener Chilbiläbe

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