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    Peace2Love CD Baby

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Review Text ************ Terrylee Whetstone-17th time recording artist This music fits into the category of Introspective ************ 'Peace2Love' thoughtfully and lovingly arranged has very beautiful Native American flute music as well as other musical instruments leaning towards the spiritual realm for one to relax and find peace and love in their life. Peace2Love Peace2Love is a yin yang from my 16th CD to this my 17th CD, two being the most sacred number in the universe. As my 16th CD The Dance is very powerful, I felt I had to balance that power with beauty. Then this CD took a turn into my personal life. As I am Cherokee Indian, I was getting ready to perform my flute at a Pow-Wow when a woman approached me. I didn't recognize her at first, so she introduced herself and turns out I knew her from 40 years ago. We had a lot of catching up to do. One of the first things we discovered was that we both had failed relationships over the years. I had given up on having a true fulfilling relationship. It turns out she was done having relationships as well. During my performance I announced to the audience that the Indian way to court a lady is to play the flute so she could hear it but not see me. So I called upon my old friend (yes she is a bit older than me) to come sit in the circle and I played my flute for her behind her back. When I got home from the Pow-Wow, I had a thank you email from her for including her in my performance. So we exchanged emails, then we exchanged phone numbers, and the phone calls started out lasting around 4 hours and up. I had been nominated for my 7th time at the Nammys and had to go to New York the next weekend. When I got back, we picked up the phone calls again. I told her I had a show to do the next weekend and she volunteered to bring my Dad. After the show was over, we went to my place to see how the packing was going, and we decided to load her truck up and start moving things back to KC as I had just purchased a home. The next day she came back to help me pack and be ready for the big move the next weekend and we've been together ever since. Having faith, feelings, and realizing the universe was putting us together, we continued talking and realized we both felt the same way about each other. Scared as we both were, we agreed to take it very slowly, very slowly. So in establishing a routine, learning each others likes and dislikes, and merging our worlds together, has been most interesting. Laughter has been our main ingredient, sometimes that is all you can do! We have collaborated on this CD, my playing the instruments and her giving her input as to what instruments sounded good together with certain rhythms etc. She took the photos for the CD covers and we had such a great experience with the horses just coming right up to take in the sounds of the flute. She could see thru the camera what the horses were doing and told me when to play the flute. The shirt I have on is a design by Larry Sellars and is available to purchase through: MSPTV P.O. Box 1554 Pawhuska, Ok 74056 Email: The funds raised are to support a Sundance in Oklahoma each year. As I look back on these 17 CDs, I realize that I have traveled many roads and crossed many fields and seen many horizons. In my travels, I have had a few bumps along the way, I would not trade these experiences, as I have gained wisdom with every sunset. Life has many twist and turns in the 'Road of Life' but if we can take from it all the lessons and experiences, we will grow and learn that life is a wonderful adventure and a true experience. May your travels fulfill you and give you all the love and joy I am experiencing. TerryLee.

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