Hives Fives (Ep)


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    Hives Fives (Ep) Temporary Residence

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Review Text What a difference a few years can make. Taking some time off and working on various other projects in the interim, Tim Furnish returns to his Parlour project with a full-fledged band. The advantages of this expansion are immediately noticeable within the opening minutes of the lead-off track, "Such." Furnish and company give Hives Fives a full-bodied sound with a broader range of instrumentation and more sonic possibilities for improvisation than before, especially in comparison to his previous releases. The endless comparisons that could be made to fellow post-rockers such as Tortoise and Dismemberment Plan are inevitable, especially when contrasting arrangements. But from a wider perspective, that's not exactly bad company to keep. At four tracks and 20 minutes in length, it's exactly the right amount of material to keep it from being a bogged-down, filler-happy full album (which is a temptation to hear no doubt). But here's hoping that this is just a teaser for things to come in the immediate future. ~ Rob Theakston

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Such (A One Year Stem) - 5:28
  2. 2. Hives Fives - 5:28
  3. 3. Timorme - 5:19
  4. 4. Bringseeds - 5:33

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