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    Life And Music 0206 Sanctuary

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Review Text Papa Reu's mixture of ragga vocal stylings, hardcore rap from the Dirty South, and the occasional smooth R&B touch are an appealing combination, and they coalesce more effectively than ever on LIFE & MUSIC. Reu spins a compelling lyrical yarn, whether on incisive social commentary ("Hold On") or feel-good, old-school party jams ("Ridin' Old School"), and his raps, a synthesis of accented Jamaican rhythms and familiar gangsta flow works surprisingly well. To top it off, guest spots from the likes of Juvenile and Lil' Kano raise the profile, and the production is clean and accessible, with plenty of memorable hooks.

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Reutro
  2. 2. Street's Callin'
  3. 3. Clap 2 Dis
  4. 4. Mr. Goodbye
  5. 5. Hold on
  6. 6. Ridin' Old School
  7. 7. Represent
  8. 8. He's All That I Want
  9. 9. Highway Skit (Spoken Word)
  10. 10. Highway
  11. 11. Don't Play
  12. 12. Life & Music
  13. 13. He Say She Say
  14. 14. Played
  15. 15. Bubble Eye
  16. 16. Twist Your Cap
  17. 17. My Dog

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