Essential Pansy Division (Bonus Dvd)


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    Essential Pansy Division (Bonus Dvd) Alternative Tentacles

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Review Text To commemorate their 15th year together as a band, queercore rockers Pansy Division issued their eighth full-length album, The Essential Pansy Division. As with any greatest-hits type of compilation, there will no doubt be some fan debate as to which songs should or should not have been included. Though with 30 audio tracks (and 15 additional video and live clips included on an accompanying DVD), the band has put together a rather representative look of its career onto one disc. Drawing pretty equally from all of their albums, though not as much from the B-sides- and singles-oriented Pile Up and More Lovin' from Our Oven, Pansy Division showcase exactly what they're good at -- playing tight, catchy pop-punk songs with clever lyrics that ooze with upfront and hilarious sexual references. Straightforward songs like "I'm Gonna Be a Slut," "Fem in a Black Leather Jacket," "Groovy Underwear," "Anthem," and "Negative Queen" showcase the band's humor, while "I Really Wanted You," "Deep Water," and "Sweet Insecurity" delve deeper into the more serious side of the band's persona. Covers are noticeably missing (along with some great songs like the entertaining "Fluffy City"), but all in all, The Essential Pansy Division is a nice recap for longtime fans who still want to add to their collection, but more so as the starter kit for those just discovering these witty and energetic punks. ~ Corey Apar

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Who Treats You Right
  2. 2. Fem in a Black Leather Jacket
  3. 3. Anthem
  4. 4. I'm Gonna Be a Slut
  5. 5. Horny in the Morning
  6. 6. Dick of Death
  7. 7. Bad Boyfriend
  8. 8. Summer You Let Your Hair Grow Out
  9. 9. Spiral
  10. 10. Denny (Naked)
  11. 11. Boyfriend Wanted
  12. 12. Luv Luv Luv
  13. 13. James Bondage
  14. 14. Vanilla
  15. 15. Alpine Skiing
  16. 16. Bunnies
  17. 17. Groovy Underwear
  18. 18. No Protection
  19. 19. Sweet Insecurity
  20. 20. Deep Water
  21. 21. You're Gonna Need Your Friends
  22. 22. Best Revenge
  23. 23. Negative Queen (Stripped Bare)
  24. 24. Headbanger
  25. 25. Political Asshole
  26. 26. I Can't Sleep
  27. 27. I Really Wanted You
  28. 28. Cocksucker Club
  29. 29. Homo Christmas
  30. 30. He Whipped My Ass in Tennis (Then I Fucked His Ass in Bed)

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