Push Me Again


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    Push Me Again Touch & Go

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Review Text Backed by a band comprised of ex-Jesus Lizard drummer Mac McNeilly and ex-Hairmaster bassist Dan Maister, P.W. Long, formerly of Wig and Mule, takes a full-on, head-bangin', hard-drinking electric sound on his second outing. While the first album with Reelfoot, We Didn't See You On Sunday, was an uneven mix of acoustic and electric songs, the group holds nothing back on Push Me Again. Long's brand of rough-hewn, alcohol-soaked American rock is richly decorated with funk and blues influences. Furthermore, each track is performed with feeling, guts and lots and lots of energy making for an album that demands as much as it delivers. On Push Me Again, Long's two-pack-a day voice, testosterone-fueled guitar playing, and strong storytelling ability, all backed by a tight band, shows a giant step forward from their first release. However, Push Me Again is not a completely out-of-control orgy of power-chord madness, and on "Fly Trap Lair," the group shows a softer side. Not too soft, though. ~ Matthew Hilburn

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Signifyin' Honkey - 4:17
  2. 2. Say It Ain't So - 3:06
  3. 3. Eagle Eye - 3:26
  4. 4. Fly Trap Lair - 3:47
  5. 5. Pooh Butt - 4:34
  6. 6. Stand Up! - 4:08
  7. 7. Honey Bee - 4:34
  8. 8. Jane Dwim - 3:47
  9. 9. Laughing Eyes - 4:31
  10. 10. State House - 5:30
  11. 11. Yo' Money - 2:18

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