Pungent Effulgent


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    Pungent Effulgent Madfish

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Review Text Listening to the Ozrics can result in the feeling of one's consciousness going into a cosmically vast spin-dizzy state with no chemical or visual stimulation required to generate the effect. That shift of consciousness is certainly an immediate side-effect of this release, caused by the painless move between pyrotechnic instrumental workouts, drifting musical structures (such as "Phalarn Dawn") where languid dancing with lighted incense sticks seems called for, and the off-kilter space-reggae-rock-dub that forms the flow of "The Domes of G'Bal." As always, the band comfortably evades pigeonholes by dint of the fact that what begins at the first note is delightfully unlike that which ends with the last note. Remarkably, it all makes sense and there is never a sense of getting lost in the darkness. ~ Steven McDonald

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Dissolution (The Clouds Disperse)
  2. 2. O-1
  3. 3. Phalarn Dawn
  4. 4. Domes of G'Bal
  5. 5. Shaping the Pelm
  6. 6. Ayuvedic
  7. 7. Kick Muck
  8. 8. Agog in the Ether
  9. 9. Wreltch
  10. 10. Ayurvedism

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