Outlaw Prophet


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It's reality TV sci-fi style with this low-budget vision of a future gone wild, complete with a media empire that rules the galaxy and the one man who stands in the way of its plans to destroy Earth. Jon 141 (David Heavener) is known throughout the Milky Way as its highest-rated reality TV star. Battling week in and week out for his life, Jon soon discovers a secret plot of the network to garner higher ratings -- the destruction of both himself and the Earth. Partnering up with a curvaceous robot (Rebecca Holden) and an orphan (Davita Sharone), Jon 141 blasts his way through evil henchman and bureaucratic corruption in a last-ditch effort to take down the entertainment organization that threatens all human life in the name of ratings. ~ Jeremy Wheeler, Rovi

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Release Date
Aspect Ratio
1.33:1 -- Pre-1954 Standard (4x3)
  • No information available
  • Blu-ray region A (North America, Central America, South America, Japan, Taiwan, North Korea, South Korea, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia)
Video Features
  • Introduction by Lloyd Kaufman, president of Troma Entertainment
  • Lunachicks "Say What You Mean" music video
  • Troma featurettes such as "How Not to Get a Location"
  • Tour of Troma
  • Troma-tic trailers
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