Oscillotron - Eclipse (Original Soundtrack)


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    Eclipse (Original Soundtrack) Cineploit

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Review Text Scillotron is the Solo Project of David Johannson hailing from Sweden. Oscillotron´s Debut Album "Eclipse" is a Soundtrack reminiscent of old Horror Prog Rock fleshed out into ambient dreamstate! 6 Tracks made essentially with analog equipment for fans of Tangerine Dream, Brian Eno, Jean-Michel Jarre, Zombi, Fabio Frizzi or Wendy Carlos. "Eclipse" is the debut release by Oscillotron, otherwise known as Kongh frontman David Johansson. In true sideproject fashion, Johansson has veered off on a tangent here from his Kongh work and instead offers US a solo instrumental analogue synthesizer album to add to the ever growing canon of Tangerine Dream / John Carpenter disciples. Nothing that hasn't been done before admittedly but Johansson mixes his influences very very well, resulting in an album that sits comfortably among it's forefathers in a way that not many followers have managed of late. "Embryo" sets the mood well, a sinister piece of percussion-free ambience with swells of radiophonic synthesized organ. The foreboding atmosphere is almost everpresent, only abating briefly for the Eno-esque cascades that lull the listener into a false sense of security on "Terror" before the percussion ushers in a funereal march which sits somewhere between early eighties Fabio Frizzi and John Carpenter in a very bad mood. Always atmospheric and often evocative, this is not music for the masses, but a tribute to the best of Italian prog horror soundtracks made by a fan for other fans. You know who you are. Well worth a listen if you're an analogue synth buff." - the Active Listener / Sweden.

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