Some Think He Might Be King Elvis


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    Some Think He Might Be King Elvis Bear Family Records

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Review Text Only a handful of Elvis Presley impressionists proved viable on the popularity charts: Terry Stafford, Ral Donner, and Orion (aka Jimmy Ellis), all of whom cultivated a sound-alike style that transcended mere influence and entered the realm of vocal impersonation. Sun Records' marketing of Orion took the schtick one step further than Donner and Stafford did by implying that Orion actually was Elvis, who had (the story goes) faked his own death to escape the scrutiny of fame. It's unclear why Elvis would go to such lengths only to re-emerge singing his old songs and looking exactly like his former self -- down to the sequined duds and pompadour hairstyle -- but wearing a Lone Ranger mask and using a different name. Nevertheless, that was the legend of Orion, whose voice was so similar to Elvis' that many wishful fans fully embraced the fanciful resurrection story. Some Think He Might Be King Elvis is an anthology of Orion's Sun recordings from 1972-1982 that includes a handful of previously unreleased cuts. During this period he graced the country charts nearly a dozen times with minor hits like "Rockabilly Rebel" and a cover of Queen's "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," but only a few of Orion's hits appear on the anthology. Most of the songs are Orion's versions of classic rock & roll numbers like "Rockin' Little Angel" and "Peggy Sue," along with early-'80s ballads on which he sounds very much like Elvis. The joy in Orion's music, apart from indulging in the appealing fantasy that Elvis didn't die, is the opportunity it affords to hear a good pseudo-Elvis perform songs like Bobby Mitchell's "I'm Gonna Be a Wheel Someday" that sound like something the real Elvis would have recorded. Orion really does manage to recapture a little of the Elvis magic, and he certainly rises to the top among the ranks of Elvis impersonators who have made commercial recordings. Elvis and Orion enthusiasts wanting to dig even deeper into the Jimmy Ellis experience can seek out Bear Family's four-disc Orion box set, Who Was That Masked Man? ~ Greg Adams

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. That's All Right - 2:01
  2. 2. Blue Moon of Kentucky - 2:09
  3. 3. Rockabilly Rebel - 3:43
  4. 4. See You Later, Alligator - 2:26
  5. 5. Susie Q. - 3:56
  6. 6. I'm Gonna Be a Wheel Someday - 2:11
  7. 7. Rockin' Little Angel - 2:21
  8. 8. Crazy Little Thing Called Love - 3:38
  9. 9. Long Tall Sally - 3:31
  10. 10. Memphis Sun - 2:22
  11. 11. Peggy Sue - 3:33
  12. 12. Matchbox - 2:22
  13. 13. There's No Easy Way - 3:11
  14. 14. Baby Please Say Yes - 2:18
  15. 15. Born - 3:09
  16. 16. If I Can't Have You - 3:41
  17. 17. Ain't No Good - 3:14
  18. 18. Some You Win, Some You Lose - 3:14
  19. 19. Look Me Up (And Lay It on Me) - 2:18
  20. 20. Old Mexico - 3:58
  21. 21. Rainbow Maker - 3:32
  22. 22. Anybody Out There - 2:07
  23. 23. Midnight Rendezvous - 3:37
  24. 24. Maybe Tomorrow - 3:09
  25. 25. She Hates to Be Wrong - 3:19
  26. 26. What Now, My Love? - 3:09
  27. 27. Me and Bobby McGee - 3:46

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