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Review Text After deconstructing the classic American Western by way of The Good, the Bad & the Ugly and A Fistful of Dollars, director Sergio Leone distilled his intentions with 1968's Once Upon a Time in the West, arguably a milestone for both Leone and his musical cohort, Ennio Morricone. For his part, Morricone framed Leone's meditative camera work and mythic narrative with a mix of hauntingly spacious pieces and reconfigured snatches of old-timey tunes. Just within the stretch of the first four pieces here, Morricone evokes the endless expanse of the West with a Copland-esque aria (the main title theme), weaves some twisted grit into the showdown theme with loads of guitar fuzz ("As a Judgment"), ingeniously combines whistling and a clippity-clop rhythm for a respite piece ("Farewell to Cheyenne"), and conjures the surreal end of the cowboy mythos via a wonderfully disjointed serial-style number ("The Transgression"). And whether sounding upbeat or stark, Morricone informs it all with the dry and windswept vacancy of the West. Beautiful and stunning. ~ Stephen Cook

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Once Upon a Time in the West - 4:43
  2. 2. As a Judgment - 3:05
  3. 3. Farewell to Cheyenne - 3:37
  4. 4. Transgression - 5:40
  5. 5. First Tavern - 2:38
  6. 6. Second Tavern - 2:31
  7. 7. Man with a Harmonica - 3:28
  8. 8. Dimly Lit Room - 5:06
  9. 9. Bad Orchestra - 2:22
  10. 10. Man - 1:00
  11. 11. Jill's America - 3:45
  12. 12. Death Rattle - 2:42
  13. 13. Finale - 4:10

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