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    Prince & Me, The 0304 Hollywood

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Review Text The unusually earnest teen romance The Prince & Me also has an unusually earnest soundtrack that features more alternative rock, folky singer/songwriters, and garage rock revivalists than it does bright and shiny teen pop. Josh Kelley's "Everybody Wants You" and Marc Cohn's "Man of the World" and "I Hope That I Don't Fall in Love With You" give the album a more serious bent than expected; Leona Naess' "Calling," Jennifer Stills' "Good Intentions," and the excerpt from Jennie Muskett's score, "Separate Worlds," put a feminine spin on the same mood. While the movie and its music are determined to prove that they're not just fluffy and frothy, the poppier moments on the soundtrack are the most distinctive. Jem's "Just a Ride" and Fastball's "Fire Escape" strike a good balance between being fun and being taken seriously, as do Scapegoat Wax's "Bloodsweet" and Kinky's "Presidente." Jessica Riddle's "Symphony" and Katy Fitzgerald's "It Doesn't Get Better Than This" are the closest The Prince and Me gets to teen pop, and Fitzgerald's song in particular has a giddy exuberance that the rest of the soundtrack could use more of. Likewise, Forty Foot Echo's "Drift" and the D4's "Party" introduce some rock energy into the album at the last minute, but The Prince and Me rarely captures the excitement of falling in love for the first time. ~ Heather Phares

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Everybody Wants You - 4:51
  2. 2. Just a Ride - 3:19
  3. 3. Fire Escape - 3:22
  4. 4. Man of the World - 2:02
  5. 5. Calling - 4:43
  6. 6. Good Intentions - 4:40
  7. 7. I Hope That I Don't Fall in Love with You - 3:08
  8. 8. Symphony - 4:55
  9. 9. It Doesn't Get Better Than This - 4:34
  10. 10. Freeway - 4:20
  11. 11. Presidente - 3:23
  12. 12. Drift - 3:07
  13. 13. Party - 3:40
  14. 14. Bloodsweet - 4:36
  15. 15. Separate Worlds - 4:16

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