One Bad Habit (Mod)


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    One Bad Habit (Mod) Warner Bros.

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Review Text With Tommy LiPuma and Al Schmitt back producing, Michael Franks again moves in a different direction on One Bad Habit, with mixed results. Easily considered his commercial breakthrough, the album often lacks the lyrical and imaginative songwriting of previous efforts and sounds at times like two different albums. The contributions of Clare and Andre Fischer help bolster some of the more ambitious music, while players like Eddie Gómez, Eric Gale and David Spinozza at times appear underutilized. The title cut is another example of Franks' wry, observant takes on love and lust, yet musically it is a little lightweight. Still, considering the players, the occasionally adventurous musical ideas, and the basic jazz sound, Franks was able to go where very few jazz artists ever go in terms of attracting a larger audience and considerable airplay. ~ Steve Matteo

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Baseball - 4:50
  2. 2. Inside You - 4:11
  3. 3. All Dressed Up (With Nowhere to Go) - 4:47
  4. 4. Lotus Blossom - 4:15
  5. 5. On My Way Home to You - 5:52
  6. 6. One Bad Habit - 4:06
  7. 7. Loving You More and More - 4:44
  8. 8. Still Life - 4:12
  9. 9. He Tells Himself He's Happy - 5:11