Mujer De Fuego 893


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    Mujer De Fuego 893 WEA Latina

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Review Text On her second album, Mujer de Fuego, released in 1993, Olga Tañón enters the stride that would carry her to exceptional popularity among tropical music listeners, peaking the following year with her superlative Siente el Amor... album. Mujer de Fuego is a leap forward from her debut, Sola. Like that album, this one is comprised of straightforward tropical music, merengue in particular. There's absolutely none of the pop tendencies and over-produced ballads that would often weigh down her music at the end of the decade. Instead, this is intense and fast-paced dance music, putting the focus directly on Tañón and the rhythm, not on the production or studiocraft. Mujer de Fuego kicks off with a pair of highlights, "Contigo o sin Ti" and "Muchacho Malo," both of which were significant chart hits, Tañón's first. Yaidelice Monrrozeau, who wrote the former, also pens the title track; Raldy Vázquez, who wrote the latter, contributes two additional songs. This reliance on particular songwriters would continue with subsequent albums, as Tañón would often perform numerous songs by a particular songwriter. Other highlights here include "No Me Puedes Pedir," "Presencie Tu Amor," and "Vendras Llorando," each of which was also a chart hit. Clearly, anyone who enjoys Tañón's pre-pop-crossover albums should find much to enjoy on Mujer de Fuego, the soon-to-be Queen of Merengue's first major album statement. ~ Jason Birchmeier

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Contigo O Sin Ti - 4:20
  2. 2. Muchacho Malo - 4:28
  3. 3. Piel a Piel - 5:43
  4. 4. Prisionera - 4:03
  5. 5. No Me Puedes Pedir - 4:28
  6. 6. Presencie Tu Amor - 5:36
  7. 7. Vendras Llorando - 5:37
  8. 8. Mujer de Fuego - 4:29
  9. 9. Tratare - 5:48
  10. 10. Pero Siempre Regresas - 5:30

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