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    Older: K2 Hd Mastering (Hk) K2
    1. Older: K2 Hd Mastering (Hk) K2
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Review Text If George Michael sold his soul to get out of his Sony contract, he must have found a new one in the DreamWorks studios. On his first album in six years--he spent the interim in court with his old employer, Sony--Michael's voice is velvet, and the tempos of his songs are mellow cloaks in which he wraps himself as he wanders up and down the smooth strip of soul.Most of the tunes are slow-burning, jazz-infused numbers, though there are a few notable exceptions: "Fastlove" is a playful disco send-up, and the last track, "Free," is a jazz instrumental turned into an ambient-dub track with record scratches and Middle Eastern overtones. "I'm looking older/But something good has happened to me," Michael croons on the title track. He's OLDER, and sounding better than ever.

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Jesus To a Child
  2. 2. Fastlove
  3. 3. Older
  4. 4. Spinning the Wheel
  5. 5. It Doesn't Really Matter
  6. 6. Strangest Thing
  7. 7. To Be Forgiven
  8. 8. Move On
  9. 9. Star People
  10. 10. You Have Been Loved
  11. 11. Free

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