Dual Mono


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    Dual Mono Porch Music / Big Bender Records

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Review Text A Denver-based quintet that usually vacillates between old-timey acoustic bluegrass string band music and rocking alt-country, Oakhurst were quite right to name their third album Dual Mono. Most of the album combines both of their musical approaches into a set of concise pop songs that lack the loose jam band quality of many Colorado acoustic bands but maintain a rootsy, rustic quality. According to album's press kit, the album was recorded in a variety of rural locations around Colorado, with minimal overdubs, and there's certainly a brisk live quality to the album. A.P. Hill's unpretentious, conversational lead vocals try neither for faux "authenticity" (which usually involves twenty-something college dropouts from the suburbs singing through their noses in poor imitations of A.P. Carter) nor for blue-collar rock-dude earnestness à la John Mellencamp, and all five players are casually excellent, without the need for showboating solos or flashily speedy playing. The songs are a low-key lot, unfailingly pleasant but only occasionally truly memorable, which makes Dual Mono an enjoyable but not particularly engrossing listen. ~ Stewart Mason

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Gypsies at JR's - 4:00
  2. 2. Moonshine Still - 4:05
  3. 3. Arkansas River - 3:15
  4. 4. Brigade - 4:22
  5. 5. Eggs on My Face - 3:58
  6. 6. Grass Is Greener - 5:43
  7. 7. Dance Around - 3:25
  8. 8. River and Sticks - 5:25
  9. 9. Chili - 4:17
  10. 10. Hit the Road - 4:54
  11. 11. Kooky-Eyed Fox - 3:47
  12. 12. Olivine - 4:37
  13. 13. Can't Wait - 6:52
  14. 14. Say Hello - 4:12

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