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    Nothing Like This Big Machine Records

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Review Text After the lethargic hubris of Rascal Flatts’ sixth album Unstoppable it seemed like the friendly trio had settled into a carefully calculated rut so it’s good to hear that switching labels for 2010’s Nothing Like This has revived the band considerably. Nothing Like This doesn’t offer anything new - if ever there was a band adverse to risk, it’s Rascal Flatts who have never strayed from the sunny sound of their 2000 debut - but everything from the melodies to the very sound of the tight 11-track record seems brighter than the trio’s last few records. Certainly, Rascal Flatts have made a conscious decision to not drift toward sleepiness, injecting a high number of propulsive tunes into the body of the record. Several of these have the echoing pulse of an arena - the opening “Why Wait,” “All Night To Get There” - but they also ride “Red Camero” on chords reminiscent of “Life Is A Highway,” jauntily skip through “Play” and take “Tonight Tonight” to the verge of rock & roll. Naturally, they haven’t abandoned ballads, going so far as to enlist Natasha Bedingfield for a questionable stab at pop radio crossover, but the emphasis isn’t these slow, swaying numbers, the album is all about balance, all about executing the usual with precision. It’s a fresh coat of paint on a sturdy old house. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Why Wait - 4:44
  2. 2. Easy - 4:38
  3. 3. Sunday Afternoon - 4:50
  4. 4. Play - 4:43
  5. 5. Nothing Like This - 4:54
  6. 6. All Night to Get There - 3:20
  7. 7. Red Camaro - 4:46
  8. 8. They Try - 4:16
  9. 9. Summer Young - 4:12
  10. 10. Tonight Tonight - 4:41
  11. 11. I Won't Let Go - 4:47

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