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    Tension 0802 Redline Records

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Review Text Noise Therapy attempts to spice up its chunky rap-metal with a healthy dose of melody on Tension, the band's first full-length album in four years. Although the riffing is still reminiscent of 1995-era Korn, the band offers some strong choruses and vocal lines throughout the album. Check out the grandiose power metal wailing on "G-Hole," and compare that to the rather generic approach of Noise Therapy's older songs. The band has learned how to incorporate more singing, an important development that improves its sound greatly. A few moody moments step away from the thrashing, offering a brooding and lush tension that recalls A Perfect Circle or classic Life of Agony. This is most apparent on "Inside," a roaring anthem of reflection that stands as the best song on the album. This emotional element is what keeps this from turning into faceless chugging, delivering a solid batch of metal songs that offer memorable hooks and passionate singing. ~ Bradley Torreano

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Get Up - 3:14
  2. 2. G-Hole - 3:21
  3. 3. Star 69 (Wait for Nothing) - 4:54
  4. 4. Inside - 4:23
  5. 5. Yesterday - 4:54
  6. 6. Ride - 4:03
  7. 7. Monkeys - 4:30
  8. 8. Far Away - 3:29
  9. 9. In My World - 4:52
  10. 10. Standing in the Dark - 4:51

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