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    Rock the House CD Baby

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Review Text No Compromise is an independant Christian rock band from Alabama. The band was started in May of 2004 by a group of five sisters between the ages of 14 and 22. Their music has been described as 'dance music' and 'a little piece of heaven'. Mainly it is the result of five different girls, five different instruments and five different genres blending together to form a band with a unquie and creative sound. The purpose of No Compromise is to encourage others to forget what the world has to offer and devote themselves to living sold out for the Lord Jesus Christ. They call themselves No Compromise to remind themselves to always stand true to what they believe in, no matter where they are or who they are with. This past summer they released their debut CD entitled Rock the House. The CD is composed of 7 songs, making it 40 minutes long. 'The Mighty Tower Song', track 1 is a favorite song to dance to, while others enjoy the slower, emotion appealing tunes of 'Heaven.' The theme song would be 'Set me Free,' based on Romans 12:2. While rocking it all out in this song, the band clearly states how they want to live, transformed to look like Jesus. -- This band is made up of five sisters ranging in age from 13-20. The group is new only having been formed in May of 2004 and this is their debut release. Most of the songs on the CD have a rock edge to them and deal with the subject of the need to have a strong faith life living your life totally on fire for the Lord. Two songs that bear mentioning are: 'Heaven'- An 8-minutes plus song that talks about not getting bogged down in the trials and sorrows of this world. The need to keep your eyes on what's ahead and the glory that awaits the saved in Heaven. And 'Rock The House Jam'- A 7-minutes plus instrumental song that has a progressive rock sound. This song features the band's instrumental musical talents. Overall this is a nice solid debut effort and should act as a good foundation for the band to build upon. ~Review by C.W. Ross --.

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