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    Now Or Never Static Discos

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Review Text Not the great, late '70s San Francisco punk band, this new, young Detroit trio are OK heirs to the moniker -- even if their brand of punk is the poppy type found occasionally in the charts, rather than the classic Social D-like '77 sound. But for whatever resemblance they have to the sort of groups that ultimately bore me, like Green Day or Sum 41, the new N.A. have a lot more heart-felt prodding than either, more in that stronger Descendents/All or Pointed Sticks kind of likability. It's that real pop sense to their punk, plus sharp playing, that makes them good. It's little things, too, like the "ahhhhhhh" backing vocals on "Reflection" and the bouncier rhythms of the keyboard-enhanced "Tonight," or the six-eight waltz-timed "One Last Chance." Likewise the soaring hook of "Playing With Fire." And though they dress like typical hardcore toughs without a brain between them, the sweet-boy caring lyrics written and sung by Colin Mattson totally belies that -- proof again that it's wrong to judge books by their sartorial covers. Hey, he's the sort of caring, thoughtful punk rock kid you'd want your punk rock daughter to date, assuming you were a punk rock parent! ~ Jack Rabid

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Reflection - 2:16
  2. 2. Tonight - 3:12
  3. 3. One Last Chance - 3:34
  4. 4. Playing With Fire - 3:26
  5. 5. Second and Main - 4:42
  6. 6. Chemically Induced Blues - 2:09
  7. 7. I Wanna Be a Rockstar - 2:10
  8. 8. Home Alone Again - 3:01
  9. 9. Run With the River - 3:10
  10. 10. You Were a Friend - 4:36
  11. 11. No Regrets - 4:28

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